Anastasia Suite has recently been renovated and is situated right in the heart of Verona's historical city center.

With beautiful views looking out onto Santa Anastasia street and right on the corner of Piazza delle Erbe it offers the most amazing views of the Lamberti tower opposite Piazza dei Signori, a hidden gem in this romantic.

Thanks to its strategic position you can either walk down Santa Anastasia street to the Cathedral, follow through to the Stone Bridge and admire the Roman theatre or go from Piazza Erbe, right on the corner, continue down the road to see Juliet's balcony, go shopping in the famous Via Mazzini and then walk through to Piazza Bra to the Roman Arena, an amazing World Heritage site that really must be seen!

The atmosphere within the building where Anastasia Suite is situated is truly breathtaking, with the suite's thick walls, open beams and fresco's, that create an intimate and calm feeling of relax and pure elegance with its

Verona is a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to visit other Italian cities such as Venice, Padova, or Milan, not forgetting Lake Garda or the wine area's that offers an exciting experience and of which our region is very proud of.